The project activities include the organization of training seminars and conferences, the conducting of studies related to the skills of business executives and their educational needs, as well as the organization of environmental entrepreneurship workshops where new innovative ideas will be presented and the ability to create spin-off businesses will be explored.

The SMecoMP project aims at establishing a strong and resilient knowledge alliance among Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), Vocational Education Training (VET) centers and SMEs, in order to promote eco-entrepreneurship, eco-management and eco-innovation. This will be obtained by developing an educational framework based on solid research and the exchange of experiences and best practices, as well as through the use of innovative educational training tools and methods.

Within the scope of the project the following activities will be implemented:

  • compilation of a report assessing the existing knowledge, skills and requirements of SMEs related to eco-entrepreneurship, eco-management and eco-innovation
  • review the current training material available, and develop new educational training processes based on SME needs
  • develop an innovative learning framework in order to support education modernization and SME staff lifelong learning
  • develop a learning-outcomes-based curricula based on SME professionals’ cognitive and training needs
  • develop and deliver tailor-made training modules adapted to eco-innovation entrepreneurial knowledge and skills required by SME staff
  • increase professionals and SMEs’ awareness on eco-innovation and sustainable economy practices
  • establish an active transnational network of academics, vocational trainers, researchers, mentors, professionals, spin-offs to foster the integration of education, research and business
  • provide a self-sustaining implementation strategy to support the recognition and transfer of the SMecoMP approach outside the Balkan Med area.