The overall aim of the SMecoMP project is to improve the quality of education and to enhance SMEs' competitiveness. By raising the awareness and increasing the knowledge of SME owners and staff about eco-innovation and sustainable practices, the project aims not only to result in economic benefits for business and their regions, but also in social benefits by minimizing environmental impact through more efficient use of natural resources, as well as greater resilience to climate change.

More specifically, the project has the following objectives:-

  • to conduct an assessment of the Eco-Innovation Entrepreneurship competences in the Balkan-Med area
  • to develop an innovative learning and teaching model founded on solid partnerships between HEIs and business to support education modernization
  • to compile curricula addressing based on the professionals’ cognitive and training needs
  • to develop practical and experiential training modules that adhere to eco-innovation industry standards
  • to deliver innovative ICT-based blended learning courses
  • to increase professionals’ and businesses’ awareness on eco-innovation and sustainable economy practices
  • to establish an active network of academics, researchers, professionals, spin-off staff and new business entities to foster synergies between education, research and business.