Knowledge Alliance Network

The SMecoMP transnational Knowledge Alliance Network is made up of academics, vocational trainers, researchers, mentors, professionals, SME 
owners / staff members, as well as start-ups. Its mission is to promote the integration of education, research and business, to improve entrepreneurship education, support eco-entrepreneurial lifelong learning and improve SME’s competitiveness. It is open to new members, both during and after the SMecoMP project’s lifetime. 

The SMecoMP transnational Knowledge Alliance Network will become a focal point for promoting and supporting sustainable practices of existing SMEs and fostering eco-innovation entrepreneurship, as well as improving SMEs’ competitiveness. The alliance will play a strong role in disseminating sustainable practices, and in setting up the basis for further and more focused co-operation schemes in the future. 

The SMecoMP's European character is supported by the participation of the Club NE, member of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs.

How to join