What is the SMecoMP project about?
The SMecoMP project concerns the development of an educational framework and appropriate training tools to improve the skills of business executives in Eco-Innovation Entrepreneurship. It seeks to achieve cross-border co-operation between businesses and universities in order to promote and raise awareness about environmental innovation and entrepreneurship. 

What does the project offer?
The project includes the organization of training seminars and conferences, the conducting of studies related to the skills of business executives and their educational needs, as well as the organization of environmental entrepreneurship workshops where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their innovative ideas and to have the possibility to create a spin-off business. 

A learning-outcomes-based curricula based on SME professionals’ cognitive and training needs will be available, including training modules adapted to eco-innovation entrepreneurial knowledge and skills tailor-made for SME staff

Who can benefit from this project?
The project’s main target groups are:-
-    Academia (students, graduates, faculty staff)
-    Business (start-ups and existing SMEs – owners, staff, and executives)
-    Local / regional bodies (stakeholders, professional organisations, authorities).

What can I gain from this project?
SMEs will benefit from receiving training for their staff and managers in eco-management practices, from sharing experiences and know-how, improving economic performance and competitiveness

SME staff will improve their skills and competences, enhancing their performance at current occupation and also their employment opportunities

Young entrepreneurs will receive training, coaching and mentoring that will improve their abilities to function effectively as entrepreneurs or in an entrepreneurial capacity, launching their own SMEs and pursue personal ventures and propagate relevant values and knowledge

Universities will improve their understanding of markets’ needs, improve curricula and enhance co-operation with businesses. Academic and technical staff, through sharing experiences with business, will improve their teaching material and update their research agenda.

Students will acquire enhanced skills that will allow them to think creatively, be innovative, develop an awareness of intellectual assets and enhanced capacity to manage and exploit them.

How can I get involved?
If you wish to learn more about this project, and to participate in the project events, please contact the project partner organization nearest to you.

Relevant contact details are available on the Contacts